Job searches are targeted based on client needs, and fees are cost-effective and based on actual time spent. Clients may select from the following menu of services they would like The Evans HR GROUP to provide in the recruiting and hiring process:

Recruiting Strategy & Advertising

  • Defining the need
  • Updating or writing the job description
  • Developing the marketing strategy
  • Preparing and placing the advertisements

Screening Candidates

  • Receiving and reviewing all resumes
  • Telephone screening the candidates whose resumes match employer needs
  • Conducting behavioral interviews of strongest candidates
  • Conduct skills based and job related testing
  • Recommend finalists to hiring manager
  • Assist in preparation of behavioral-related interview questions for hiring manager
  • Check references and conduct background investigation, ensuring full-legal compliance

Job Placement

  • Assist employer in preparing employment offer letter
  • Prepare new hire paperwork/packet
  • Assist in or conduct onboarding

Job Opportunities

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