Compensation, Planning & Administration

Attracting and retaining talent is a challenge for most employers, making having a competitive compensation package more important than ever.  In addition, with California regulations requiring pay transparency, it is increasingly important to develop a consistent framework for employee compensation.  If you don’t have a salary structure in place, now may be the time to revisit your pay philosophy, create salary ranges and grades based on the market and internal equity.  The Evans HR GROUP can work with you to ensure a compensation program that demonstrates fairness within your organization and helps you attract top talent as well as one that you can defend if ever challenged.

We can also review your positions by classification to ensure that you have categorized jobs accurately as exempt or non-exempt to avoid potential claims resulting in back pay and penalties.

Payroll Processing

Are you tired of waiting on hold to process your payroll? The Evans HR GROUP will make processing your payroll fast, efficient, and accurate leaving you more time to focus on doing your business instead of worrying about how we are doing ours.

Our payroll process is simple and straightforward. We won’t confuse you with countless options (many with countless hidden fees!) that sound good but do little except take away from your bottom line. You report the payroll to us, we input, cut checks or send in direct deposit, print out your customized reports, and then deliver directly to your front door.

Simple! Cost Effective! Customized!

Why Outsource?

  • Are employee conflicts, performance issues and/or attitudes “eating up” your valuable time?
  • Do you find yourself spending the majority of your day dealing with compliance issues or employee complaints?
  • Is employee turnover or absenteeism creating havoc to your bottom line?
  • Are you confident that new employees are receiving required paperwork?
  • Are your supervisors and managers documenting employee issues? And recognizing employees who are performing well?
  • Are your leaves of absences documented and in compliance with applicable state and federal mandated leaves?
  • Do you have easy access to required, properly formatted forms?

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