Local Involvement

The Evans HR GROUP is a strong brand advocate for professionals, especially small businesses. Ruth’s community activities include:

Fresno Chamber of Commerce - Local Involvement
Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Chair Governmental Affairs Council
San Joaquin Political Academy - Local Involvement
San Joaquin Valley Political Academy
  • Member of the Board of Directors
Fresno Chamber PAC - Local Involvement
Fresno Chamber’s Political Action Committee
Lee Brand Mayor of Fresno
Member of Mayor’s Advisory Council for Mayor Lee Brand
Member of Business Friendly Fresno 2

Past Boards and Memberships

Ruth has served on a variety of business-related Boards for decades, and she is dedicated to being an active member of the community to improve best practices and small business advocacy.

San Joaquin Political Academy
Founding Member of the Board of Directors
Past Chair of the Board of Directors
Past Chair of the Curriculum Committee

Fresno County Republican Party Central Committee

Institute of Family Business  – Past Board Member

Sid Craig School of Business – Past Chair Business Advisory Committee (2 years)

Commission on the Future of Education in Fresno County

Member of Congressman Dooley’s Committee to elect FUSD Slate

Fresno Chamber of Commerce
2005 Chair of the Board of Directors

Past Vice Chair Governmental Affairs Division

Past Chair of Business Education Committee
Past Chair of Business Development Committee

Member of Panel to Choose Stand-In for Councilmember Larry Westerlund

Workforce Investment Board
Past Chair of the Board of Directors
Past Chair of Planning and Development Committee
Past Member of Business and Industry Committee
Past Chair Ad Hoc Water Alliance Committee

Leadership Fresno – Class X

Fresno Business Council

Member of 5-Member Panel to pick stand-in for Councilmember Larry Westerlund

Fresno Business Council

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